Reflexology Treatments

Stress & Anxiety

Stress is normal! In short episodes, it’s a positive way to provide an extra burst of energy, keeping us healthy, with a zest for life. Unfortunately, when short term stress becomes long term stress, the healthy positivity becomes an unhealthy negativity.

When stress is long term, it effects the whole body –
• The obvious sleeping difficulties and emotional anguish
• Increasing heart rate and raising blood pressure
• Muscle tension, giving rise to pain and discomfort
• Digestive issues, such as IBS
• Debilitating both the immune system and the reproductive system

It follows that reducing stress in this fast-paced world is beneficial to both our emotional and physical wellbeing.

The answer lies in Reflexology – a non-invasive treatment to kick start relaxation, thus reducing stress, rebalancing and energizing both body and mind.

Women’s Health

Hormones will influence women’s bodies from the start of puberty right through to the menopause and beyond. In other words – most of their adult lives. Though perfectly natural processes that don’t, or hardly, effect some women, many other will endure related problems such as any one, or more than one, of these – heavy and/or painful periods, pre-mentrual syndorme (PMS) endometriosis, poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or menopausal symptoms. These can affect women’s quality of life, to lesser or greater degrees.

Hormones can be balanced and relaxation can be boosted with clinical reflexology. Research supports the view that reflexology is beneficial to some hormone imbalance issues (e.g. menopause, painful periods and PMS).

Nia has personally had great success in helping women suffering from hormonal imbalances.

Men’s Health

Reflexology for men. Let’s break the barriers and get rid of the dated stigma! Reflexology benefits men just as much as it benefits women. This alternative therapy is not exclusively female orientated. Today’s modern man needs to be far more open to try these therapies. Ladies – you can kick-start them with gentle persuasion – or one of my Gift Vouchers. Men – be the frontrunners, then encourage your male associates. You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. You might be embarrassed about your feet, but that’s not a male prerogative! The benefits you gain will far outweigh any such trifling issues. I have treated men’s feet, and, each time, they have been complementary in their feedback. Exposing their feet really opened their eyes.

Simple common sense tells us that stress does not manifest itself solely in women. Women feel worn out. Men feel worn out. Women suffer many ailments. Men suffer many ailments. Men are not super-humans who manage to swerve all that life throws at them. Some men will probably waste more time and energy than women in ignoring all negativity. Men’s coping mechanism and strategies can be improved or encouraged. Generally, women are more willing, or more able, to open up, to discuss with friends, but men feel a need to keep matters to themselves. Mental health is a modern-day scourge in our society, for both sexes. Bottling thing up is not the answer. Reflexology’s benefits are equal, for men and women.

Learn to appreciate Reflexology. Don’t dismiss its benefits.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

This is an award winning reflexology technique which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet and hands. As an accredited practitioner I am able to offer this award winning reflexology technique which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet and hands. It is a unique sequence that has been researched and developed by Sally Kay. I’ve been lucky enough to have been taught by the developer herself, Sally Kay (a multi-award winning reflexology practitioner, researcher, educator and author). She’s taught me how to ensure quite astonishing results each time a treatment is given.

Defining RLD and its values

It is a precise way of performing Reflexology by using specific moves designed to target the lymphatic system, and in so doing, it will stimulate it. It focuses solely on the feet, or the hands. The aim of this is to encourage the lymph fluid to flow, thus draining out of the troublesome area and into an unaffected area that drains as normal. In turn, swelling will be reduced, and toxins and blockages will be removed, in a natural way, due to the body’s own response and stimulation. Underlying this process is the assurance that the body’s ability to ward off infections is also being boosted.

The results of RLD can be felt immediately – the affected area feels less heavy, and less tense, and one can see a reduction in swelling. This is often the case after merely one treatment. Some clients, however, will opt to measure the affected limb prior to, and after treatment.

RLD is used to address many diverse symptoms other than the obvious lymphoedema. It can assist clients who suffer from: arthritis, asthma, eczema, fibromyalgia, ME, muscular tension and sinus problems.

If you would like to read more about RLD please follow this link:

This innovative approach to reflexology has attracted national and international awards, and it’s available for you on your doorstep in Denbigh!

Workplace Wellbeing

Let me come to you! Do you have over worked, often ill or stressed employees in your workplace? Individuals juggling with work/life balance, not sure if they’re coming or going? Then why not be the caring employer and ensure that their wellbeing is just as important to the workplace as their productivity?

I offer Reflexology (Hand or Feet) and/or Indian Head Massage (over the clothes) treatments at the workplace to benefit both employer and employee.

Benefits for the Employees
• Promotes and maintains vibrant health
• Decreases stress levels
• Faster recovery from illness
• Great resistance to infections and illness
• Boosts confidence and enhance performance
• Joyful work/life balance

Benefits for the Employer
• Increase morale and loyalty
• Fewer stress related problems
• Enhance company reputation
• Improves concentration and productivity
• More motivated workforce
• Demonstrated commitment to the welfare of the employees

Specific Treatments
Different techniques for specific conditions can be incorporated into all reflexology treatments as required.

Mobile service is available by appointment. Get in touch to discuss.